The UN explains that geo engineering is needed – Right away!

So since any time I post about geo engineering, I am told that it is not sufficient to mention my observations or those of my neighbors, then I will now post an article from yesterday’s The Guardian about its existence in terms of being a force for weather modification.

Bear in mind: at one point in time, a discussion was had that involved a firm offering our government some 7 planes to be utilized for this purpose – and the cost annually was only 10 billion bucks! So in addition to concerns many people have, it is one expensive program. (In my county, we often have at least 40 planes in various places that are going full tilt. So 58 counties in California times six times the number of planes times ten billion bucks – well, DUH no wonder our nation does have a massive deficit.)

Geoengineering may be used to combat global warming, experts say (October 8th 2018)

IPCC authors suggest there is high agreement that injection of chemicals into stratosphere could help limit temperature rises

Full report: We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns United Nations

The world may increasingly look to geoengineering in the wake of the latest UN climate report, which says it could be adopted as a temporary “remedial measure” if the world heads towards dangerous levels of warming.

The authors of the new 1.5C study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change say there is high agreement that the injection of millions of tonnes of sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere could help limit temperature rises to the most ambitious target of the Paris accord.

But the authors warn there are major uncertainties about the social, environmental and ecological impacts, which mean the world would be far better off if policymakers strengthened natural cooling systems such as forest cover and accelerated efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

The lengthy document – which was approved at the weekend by all 195 nations in the UN – mentions several options for man-made interference in climate systems, including ocean fertilisation, carbon dioxide removal, marine cloud brightening, cirrus cloud thinning and ground-based albedo modification.

So who would oversee this project? What is it really doing? If the various companies that are rumored to have a big say in it, for instance, Monsanto now owned by Bayer, it is possible the program will be utilized to help companies avoid taking toxins off to expensive Super Fund sites and simply dump them in the skies above us.

If these efforts are there to help, why are the planes in the sky right before any predicted rain storms are to hit California? And then the predicted weather system never materializes, or is diverted. With 45 to 55% of all of last winter’s rain systems diverted or failing to materialize, Northern California lost some half million acres over this past summer.

Since weather experts who discuss weather systems over on the Weather Channel have specifically pointed out that once a storm system is announced by the National Weather Service, then there is a 90 percent degree of accuracy in that storm system coming about, something really smells to high heaven.

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Ratburger members, here is an article dating all the way back to 1975, telling the public what extreme weather catastrophes will await us as geo engineering efforts go forward. Of course, in the article, the US Pentagon officials assure us that only Russia is interested in doing these things.

From Jan. 2, 1975, almost 42 years ago, the Daily News, out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, a story of weather warfare that…

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