TOTD 2018-10-11: Make Her Stop

Trigger warning: This video is extremely non-PC. Meltdowns may occur.

In this climate writing a book called “The Diversity Delusion” has got to be gutsy but to be able to defend the book has got to going to 11. I haven’t watch the full video but the beginning has college students “dying”.

My response to people not liking the video is, “Women must not only be heard but believed.”*

*Sen Horrendous (I may have the spelling wrong but close enough.)


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4 thoughts on “TOTD 2018-10-11: Make Her Stop”

  1. It is sad that some of the most pampered people feel as if life is terrible. Β These people need a crisis to have meaning. Like Communists before them they believe life will have rainbows and unicorns if they get their way. They might get some neat posters.


  2. 10 Cents:
    My response to people not liking video is, β€œWomen must not only be heard but believed.”

    (*%T HUMOR *) Damn, I believed that the proper saying, in the Good Old Days, under the reign of Living White Men, was : “Women are to be seen, not heard”. Ah, I’m told the real saying was about children, not women. Now, is there always such a difference ? πŸ˜‰ (*%E *)

    Please note the JPI directive *before* firing, thank you. Don’t forget I’m French : we invented *l’amour courtois*, too, when Civilization still existed and was later able to create a witty Sacha “gynophile” Guitry. πŸ˜‰

    More seriously : as for looooong videos, here’s a trick if you can download them first with any dedicated Firefox addon (effective with any Vindoze variety, should apply to any *n<i|u>x too) : once they are local on your own hard disk, play them with the excellent VLC program. There’s an option to change speed : until 1.33x, you should *hear* almost no difference for spoken words… and thus gain lots of time. I strongly advise against this trick if you listen to classical music. Now, if you *have* to listen to anything contemporary, that’s another story… πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, reading is *much* faster than listening and is better remembered (for real books, not for online pages — wonder if there are serious studies about that point confirmed by 40 years of experience). πŸ˜‰

    P.S. edit/fix : Almost forgot : nice video, Mr 10 Cents. I like it, circa 46:00, when the lady admits things are getting worse and worse even though for 30 years or so, the right words have been said against SJW madness, in vain (it’s the same everywhere, it seems). Conservative means defense, and sometimes, defense is weaker than attack.


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  3. Well this was a fun listen. Thanks. I really like HM.

    Oooh! That question on ballooning prices amid increasing hysteria in academia was great.

    She doesn’t seem to be very optimistic about breaking the culture of credentialism, however she does give acknowledgement to the increasing presence of anti-university thought (even including Caplan!)

    Only 16 black people got PhDs in computer engineering… that really is the lipstick on the pig that is quota hiring.

    Here’s a challenging thought –

    You know, these students complaining about not being represented in the authors studied or the professorialship are acknowledging something that the general population of white people are loathe to acknowledge – American and university culture is traditionally incredibly euro-centric.

    Part of required education is a survey of western civ that is euro-centric – not eastern civ, African civ, or indigenous civ.

    English classes are filled with the study of Euro and American Literature. There are no required swahili courses with a survey of african poetry.

    It really does fully illustrate that America does have a civilizational heritage that is unabashedly western European. It isn’t African or Chinese or Aztecan.

    They don’t like that. And I can empathize with that with no problems. But the solution isn’t to reshape America in their image! They can build their own culture in their own institutions – the Harlem Renaissance, Black Panthers, and Bethune College were examples of this. And I sympathize that they can’t just hop a plane and build up Africa into an educational and cultural behemoth of African studies and culture.

    Mexicans and Hispanics are far more capable of doing that. The Chinese, Japanese, and Indians already have structures in place that could use improvement, but also not as hard.

    Honestly, I do think Black Americans and Native Americans (including the Pueblo of NM, southern TX, and southern CA) are part of our tapestry, but they are separate nations from white Americans with their own languages (ebonics follows all the consistencies of a real language), culture, values, and religions (even Christianity among these nations is shaped by the cultures they come from).


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  4. Blumroch:
    Anyway, reading is *much* faster than listening and is better remembered (for real books, not for online pages β€” wonder if there are serious studies about that point confirmed by 40 years of experience). πŸ˜‰

    This may be true, but I set up my sewing table for Halloween costumes and organized my supplies while listening – something I can’t do while reading :p


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