Photo Friday: 18-10-19 Cartoon Characters

I remember seeing Mahha GoGoGo on TV when I was young. It fascinated me that the characters had round eyes. The stories were silly and innocuous.

The English title was Speed Racer. The Japanese title Mahha GoGoGo comes from Mach Vehicle 5 Go is my guess. The characters first name is Go so it might be part of the title too. The “M” on the helmet is for Mifune Motors. Speed Racer’s Japanese name is Mifune Go.


6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: 18-10-19 Cartoon Characters”

  1. 10 Cents:
    The English title was Speed Racer.

    Here is an animation made by my friend John Nagle and shown at the Computer Animation 1995 conference in Geneva, Switzerland.  He used the “Speed Racer” theme for music.  Yes, the animation is crude (it was made twenty-three years ago); it’s the physics that are interesting.

  2. I loved the old Hanna Barbera cartoons.   I thought it was cool that the same actor played Ranger Smith and George Jetson.



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