TOTD 2018-10-29: Motozukin Chan

If you are wondering what Motozukin Chan is it is the mascot for the shopping streets in Motomachi section of Kobe. A shopping street is a street that has been blocked off from traffic and has a roof. You have to cross a street to go to the next block. This shopping street goes for 7 blocks.

Here is a link to the shopping street.

For those who want to know more about Motozukin Chan.

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The name Motozukin comes from Moto as in the name of the area Motomachi. Zukin is hood. If you replaced “Moto” with “Aka” you would have Little Red Riding Hood. (Aka means red.)


3 thoughts on “TOTD 2018-10-29: Motozukin Chan”

  1. drlorentz:
    I recall visiting such a street in Osaka. It was a rainy day so the roof was appreciated. Do all major Japanese cities have such streets?

    I think so. It is the old style to make a mall. Recently I have seen American style malls with big parking garages. These places are great because you see the old mom and pop stores. They are refreshing compared to cookie cutter chain stores.


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