Taking Control of Fake News

Executive Order to stop birthright citizenship. Our President surely knows how to cause the major media to report on the topic he chooses. This one, coupled with the caravans, may hold until Election Day.


5 thoughts on “Taking Control of Fake News”

  1. EThompson:

    The Swedes have it right and I am 100% behind my president. Great post cousin.    🙂

    Their approach seems reasonable. Presidential EO is a good way to stir the pot and get the attention of the voting public. Legislation to clarify the original intent of the 14th Amendment is a better approach. The United States’ first comprehensive immigration statute was enacted in 1882, more than a decade after the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. At the time of the 14th Amendment passage there was no such thing as an ‘illegal alien’ as later specified in statutes.

  2. As for the caravan, I want the entire National Guard on the borders to turn them away. I don’t want to hear about children (supposedly) separated from their parents or people looking for a better life. I say: Make the sacrifice with blood and guts and intellect to change your world. We did. And I’m sure as hell not going to pay for you to spend one second across the border.

    Go home! It isn’t our responsibility and I won’t allow you to ruin my country. I put my money where my mouth is:

    My lawn service crew (primarily Jamaican) is here under legal work visas from Turks and Caicos and speak fluent English. They are delightful people. Same with my cleaning service. You want to charge me $35/hr? Fine, I’ll pay but you better be legal and speak my language.

  3. If the “caravans” ( I read there are now more than one) get to the border before Nov 6, and generate footage  of the invaders being forcibly repelled à la Gaza–

    how do you think it will affect the midterms?

    It looks like Mexico doesn’t HAVE a government.  Or a military.  Big surprise.

    Trump can’t  remove the biggest incentive for people to sneak in: work.  But he could say he’s gonna support the bill to  tax  remittances, which would generate enough $$ to pay for the wall and devastate the economies of Mex and Guat.  And he has already promised to remove one big incentive: birthright citizenship.

    If only the midterms demonstrate support for him, then just floating these policies will result in a huge decrease in invasions.  Like it  did when he was elected.

    But if these military-age men and these pregnant women still believe the Dems and RINOs will help them stay, and Trump has no support , they need not fear him

    then I think we lose our sovereign country before Christmas.

    Ora pro nobis.

  4. Hypatia:
    how do you think it will affect the midterms? It looks like Mexico doesn’t HAVE a government.  Or a military.  Big surprise.

    I think it is very difficult to predict outcomes that are subject to significant effects based on emotional reactions to misinformation or even rational reactions of those who are uninformed. This is a major problem in our republic that serves the Left well. I think President Trump has the upper hand and is capable of making whatever moves are necessary to keep it. I think he is correct on birthright citizenship but I have always thought the interpretation of the 14th Amendment over the last half-century goes too far. And there is no real reason for the interpretation to go as far as it does.

    If Republicans hold the Senate and if Democrats take the House, there will be a form of legislative gridlock that we have seen before. I think President Trump will be able to operate successfully in that environment and lead to a Reagan 1984 style landslide for Republicans in 2020.

    And, by the way, I am not anti-immigration and I think every legitimate emigrant in the caravans, political refugee or job seeker, can be accommodated through legal means, but it must be done according to America’s terms.


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