Tyler Durden examines the phenomena of Google using its analytics to buy things up

Over at Zero Hedge, Durden often posts his ideas about various new trends in stock purchasing. Among them are average everyday people using Google analytics, as well as the Google empire itself using such:

Google searches regarding buyback blackout hit all time high:    by Tyler Durden
Mon, 10/29/2018 – 13:31... [Read More]


Monday Meals: 18-10-29 Food Storage

I don’t remember all the options for storing food as there is today. For the most part it was plastic wrap and Tupperware. Now there is a plethora of options. Take plastic bags. In the old days you you had plastic bags with a paper covered wire to twist the bag shut. Now there are resealable ones. The old ziplock bags with one line has been replaced with two lines to close the bag. There is even a zipper type closer. There are normal storage and freezer bags. Does the food know which bag it is in?

Now there are many Tupperware knockoffs. Some come with lids with a dial for the month and day.
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TOTD 2018-10-28: Polls vs Bookies

The question for the day is who do you trust. When it comes to elections we have the betting markets and the polls. When the polls are wrong, they are red faced. When the bookies are wrong they are in the red. For me I trust the bookies for they have skin in the game.

The odds for the midterms favor the Republicans.... [Read More]


An End to Summer Time in Europe?

Today, I spent a good part of the afternoon changing clocks that don’t reset themselves automatically due to the idiotic idea of “summer time” and “winter time” with which some countries burden themselves.  Most of the world has never indulged in this stupid exercise or “got better”.  In the following map, the red regions never changed clocks twice a year and the orange ones used to but abandoned it as a bad idea.  As usual, blue indicates where folly still reigns.

Summer time regions worldwide... [Read More]


This Week’s Book Review – Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society

I write a weekly book review for the Daily News of Galveston County. (It is not the biggest daily newspaper in Texas, but it is the oldest.) My review normally appears Wednesdays. When it appears, I post the review here on the following Sunday.... [Read More]


Gab has been shut down by its cloud host

Gab, the free speech social media site (effectively a Twitter alternative) was unceremoniously shut down by its host with no notice tonight, with a further note that Gab’s data has to be moved off the platform by Monday morning or it gets wiped. The Pittsburgh shooter had an account there, and Gab’s cloud host, Joyent, used this as an excuse to jettison Gab. Gab had to transition from Microsoft’s Azure cloud just weeks ago after they also suddenly gave Gab an eviction notice. “Terms of Service” violation, again. The TOS is becoming the all-purpose club used to eliminate anyone to the right of Jennifer Rubin from the Internet.

This is frightening on many levels, because it’s proof that there really is no free market in tech. It’s more like an oligopoly of like minded left wingers that collude to keep the riff-raff out. As has been pointed out elsewhere, if we REALLY had a free market, someone like Vimeo would have jumped at the chance to host Alex Jones after YouTube booted him.... [Read More]


NBC News, Enemy of the People Oct 2018

You all recall who Julie Swetnick is, right?   She is the woman who said that Brett Kavanaugh had participated in gang rapes at high school parties.   She connected with Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who became famous for his representation of Stormy Daniels the porn star.

Avenatti sent a statement that he took from Ms. Swetnick to the FBI, and offered on her behalf that she was willing to testify as to Judge (now Justice) Kavanaugh’s youthful misdeeds.   The day before the supplemental hearing that was scheduled to hear the accusations by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Avenotti went public with Ms. Swetnick’s allegation.... [Read More]


Ready for Winter!

Votes are filled in properly and mailed.  Power washed and stained the deck during the last sunny spell.  Got a new fire table put up by our deck lounges.  The 5th wheel is ready for a Monday departure on our final seasonal trip, to the Astoria area, specifically our favorite site at Ft. Stevens state park.  It’s after two pm, so it’s fruits of labor time with the adoring fish.  Well….they do adore their meals!  Raining now and I don’t need to care.


And We’re Worried About Oxford Commas?

It’s tough to take seriously a supposedly highly educated woman (Berlinski) who can’t even spell the name of a universal heroine correctly. (This was a paste from the other site- read the whole thing over there.) Here are excerpts:

Hi , how are you? It’s been a long time since I last saw you. I hope you’re well. I spent all day thinking about this ruling yesterday. I disagree with you. The ruling is not at all what I want, but I concluded it’s legally correct.... [Read More]


Book Review: The Brave and the Bold

“The Brave and the Bold” by Hans G. SchantzThis the third novel in the author’s Hidden Truth series. In the first book we met high schoolers and best friends Pete Burdell and Amit Patel who found, in dusty library books, knowledge apparently discovered by the pioneers of classical electromagnetism (many of whom died young), but which does not figure in modern works, even purported republications of the original sources they had consulted. In the second, A Rambling Wreck, Pete and Amit, now freshmen at Georgia Tech, delve deeper into the suppressed mysteries of electromagnetism and the secrets of the shadowy group Amit dubbed the Electromagnetic Villains International League (EVIL), while simultaneously infiltrating and disrupting forces trying to implant the social justice agenda in one of the last bastions of rationality in academia.

The present volume begins in the summer after the pair’s freshman year. Both Pete and Amit are planning, along different paths, to infiltrate back-to-back meetings of the Civic Circle’s Social Justice Leadership Forum on Jekyll Island, Georgia (the scene of notable conspiratorial skullduggery in the early 20th century) and the G-8 summit of world leaders on nearby Sea Island. Master of Game Amit has maneuvered himself into an internship with the Civic Circle and an invitation to the Forum as a promising candidate for the cause. Pete wasn’t so fortunate (or persuasive), and used family connections to land a job with a company contracted to install computer infrastructure for the Civic Circle conference. The latest apparent “social justice” goal was to involve the developed world in a costly and useless war in Iraq, and Pete and Amit hoped to do what they could to derail those plans while collecting information on the plotters from inside.... [Read More]


Megyn Kelly and Halloween

Megyn Kelly was heading out the door because of low ratings at NBC but it seems harsh to use Halloween costumes against her. What has happened that there is no fun anymore? No one is advocating something by wearing a costume. It is often just a joke. The more absurd the better. I remember there was a famous black football player, Rosie Grier, that dressed in a sheet and a hood. He wasn’t promoting the Klan but having fun at a party.

Racism is bad but making everything racism is societal suicide. ... [Read More]