Making the Donuts

Ask me if I approve of Trump’s brilliant business plan to build a Tower in Moscow, give Putin the $50 million dollar penthouse and charge all the wannabe oligarchs an additional $250 million per residence in order to live amongst the uber elite. Remember Trump had put this plan into work before he chose to run for office and even at a later stage in the project development, he was still only running in the GOP primary.

I don’t see this as a conflict of interest, but I do admire the vision. It was a pure reflection of the man himself- bold and bodacious. I’m only sorry it had to be discarded for obvious reasons but I will continue to support a man who dreams big … er… huge!


Democracy Good, Populism Bad?

“Democracy”  is rule according to the will of the demos, the people,  meaning those citizens who have rights and duties in a polity .  Either directly or indirectly those citizens choose their country’s leadership by force of numbers. Do you agree?

“Populism” is what it’s called when a majority of the people feel they aren’t getting what they want from their government, and begin a movement or profess support for a leader who think she the same. Agreed?... [Read More]


The Theory of Dark Suckers

10 Cents and I were discussing light bulbs on the late night phone call. And it brought to mind an old piece of text explaining why we should not call them light bulbs, but rather “dark suckers”. I have not the time to convert this old text to incorporate the newer LED type of dark suckers, but here it is in the older format.

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Geno from The Bronx Takes Rush to the Woodshed

Geno from The Bronx should have his own radio show.  On Thursday’s Rush Limbaugh show, at the end of the third hour, he called in and gave Rush an almighty hiding about Rush’s advice to conservatives to avoid the conservative label, which admittedly has a PR problem.  Now I see Rush’s point, and his advice is not necessarily bad, but there is also, as Geno points out, an aspect of ceding ground to the creeping left.

Rush:... [Read More]


A must see: The Ingraham Angle

IMHO; it ain’t only the Clintons…  Desperate Obama wants credit for Trump economy. (No surprise there, I never trusted that man. I took an oath to respect the office of the president, I did and I will respect the office, But I could never respect that man that held that office for those turbulent eight years.)

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Gaza Into The Future

In May 2018 I wrote 2 posts Elsewhere Clueless in Gaza, I and II.  The first was promoted to MF.   They were about the constant slow suicide being orchestrated at the Israel/Gaza border.

Israel vacated Gaza 14 years ago now,  forcibly removing its own citizens from their homes.  It left the infrastructure it had constructed intact.  Gaza won!  It had driven out the civilizers–uh, oppressors,  sorry.... [Read More]


Heart-throb Hottie

Here’s a young lady with an awesome voice and no short amount of good music behind her.  Apparently this is one of the airheads who decided to join in some witchcraft “binding ceremony” (whatever the Hell that is) against Trump or whatever, but I’m not asking her for advice on world issues.

This song in particular was my introduction to her because of a lawsuit filed about this song too closely resembling another, or more specifically, two other one songs, one of which credited the other.  Lana “Del Rey” Elizabeth Grant credited nobody.  But you know what?  WHile I DEFINITELY hear the similarity, I also hear echoes, perhaps even callbacks, references to other artists, including Muse and Neil Young.  Man, you know time is flying when Muse might be getting callbacks.... [Read More]


Virtual Success!

First post on this topic here.

Quick Update: I have successfully cloned my daily driver Windows7 machine into a virtual format.  The system has passed the first test, which is being run as a virtual machine, hosted on its proper machine source.  To whit; my HP laptop runs Windows7, on that system I run an app called VirtualBox, which creates a virtual computer all in software.  That “computer” then runs the virtual Windows7 sitting on a USB drive.  So I have a window of one computer sitting on the desktop of another computer.  When I save a text file on the desktop of the virtual computer, it does not appear on the host computer.... [Read More]


Crazy Fish

My pond is at 52.1F right now, which is very close to the limit where Koi should be fed.  Any colder and the food lays in their digestive tract and rots.  But today they think summer is returning, judging by their reaction to me greeting them a couple of minutes ago.  I quit feeding them a couple of weeks ago when the water temp descended into the mid forties.  Gonna give them a little light lunch today.  When the temp goes down, they generally descend to the bottom, about 5′, and line up like cordwood, ignoring me.