Would Malcolm appeal to an American Audience?

Malcolm (1986) is an Australian cult film comedy, written by the husband-and-wife team, David Parker and Nadia Tass. Nadia Tass also directed the film. Parker and Tass are a team who have won many awards in Australia. Malcolm is a film in a class of its own, and very different. It won the Australian Film Institute Award (AFI) for Best Film, and seven other AFI awards, including Best Script and Best Director. This  film shows that the Australian film industry is developing, with it’s own, unique flavour.

Colin Friels is outstanding as Malcolm, the tram (street car) enthusiast who becomes involved with a pair of would-be bank robbers. Lindy Davies and John Hargreaves are excellent as that pair.

All the gadgets in Malcolm’s house, and the ingenious inventions used in the robbery sequences, were devised by David Parker. They really were a delight, especially the back of a tram used in a get-away. It can be seen at the Tramway Museum Society of Victoria, Australia. Model railway enthusiasts would love the little, model train delivering the mail from the mailbox.

Our Group of ten enjoyed the unusual film, and found the humour amusing, aoart from one of our American members, who didn’t really enjoy the film too much, as she didn’t find it funny. She is used to American humour, which is different. It’s intriguing that humour differs subtly between cultures.

On a raised-with-difficulty budget of A$1 million, at the box office Malcolm raised A$3,842,129.


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