Rolling South

Okay tribe, having come to the conclusion that we needed a break from the fray and that our lifestyle allows us to travel as long as I have three to four hours of decent internet and phone service most of the time, we took an eight day run from Oregon to Nevada in the F150.

We were blessed with fantastic weather for late October-early November and the mountain passes were good to us this trip, snowing to the north of our itinerary.

We cruised to Klamath Falls, crossing the Cascades to the dry side, then to Sparks Nevada via the California rural roads.

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First excursion was to Pyramid Lake through the Paiute Res. We stopped at the tribal center and were offered free tacos to vote in the Nevada election. They were having a singing, chanting , drum beat fest while a local Paiute Democrat talked about how climate change was going to dry up their lake.

We did explain that we had already voted and thanked them for the taco.

Cruising up over the rim of the Sierras to Lake Tahoe, we went up to over 8000 feet and then dropped to 6000 to enjoy the Lake.

On to Boulder City, almost to Arizona. Along the way, we encountered some friendly local folks on the road.

We cruised through Lake Meade Recreation Area

and then toured Valley Of Fire Park.

From nature’s wonders to human achievement, Hoover Dam was next.

The Plaque on the Dam was from another time, when America was proud of her achievements, and did not shrink from the price paid.

Leaving Boulder City, we had company on the motel lawn.

West of Vegas is Red Rock Canyon Nature Conservancy. Worth a trip

Of course we had to cruise the strip.

Heading home, we had a long drive north through the desert. A local business got our attention.

We kept heading north, as the sunset turned the view to an oil painting like quality.

Eventually we got back to Oregon and appreciated the moisture


2500 miles, one emergency room visit, gallons of coffee and a good time had by all.


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  1. Good to see you back, TKC!

    BTW, the full size photos were slowing the opening of your post so I changed the photos to medium size. they can be seen in the full size by clicking on the photo.

  2. TKC 1101:
    Leaving Boulder City, we had company on the motel lawn.

    In search of horny goat weed?

    (Yes, I know it’s a desert bighorn sheep but I figure if close counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, why not goat weed quests.)


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