11 thoughts on “Sessions Resigns”

  1. Here is the ABC News Enemy of the People initial article about Matthew Whitaker:


    Whitaker earned a master of business administration and a law degree at the University of Iowa. He also played tight end for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes football team that lost to the University of Washington Huskies in the 1991 Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, California.

    “One of the greatest experiences I ever had as a Hawkeye was playing in that Rose Bowl game and having a catch,” Whitaker said in the 2015 article in the Hawkeye Nation, a website for University of Iowa sports fans. “To this day I can brag to anyone who will listen that I had a catch in the Rose Bowl.”


  2. Kris Kobach is not going  to be governor of Kansas for awhile so would seem to be available. He’s young, a hardliner on immigration and voter ID, and the New York Times editorial board hates him. Sounds perfect.


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  3. 10 Cents:

    It seems to me that this closes out over half of the QAnon theories.

    I haven’t followed that. Which theories?

    The theories about how Sessions is secretly Trump’s greatest weapon, with dozens of sealed indictments on Team Obama apparatchiks and Congressional Democrats to spring at the right time.


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