Demise of the Ninny State?

Two years ago, our mood was “We’ve got it ALL!  Now  we’ll see some action!”

But the GOP controlled Congress showed us a deer-in-the-headlights  grimace.  One example: after seven bills repealing Obamacare sent to Buraq Hussein’s desk and certain veto,  they had NOTHING to propose when Trump, victorious, made repeal an actual possibility.

Talk about a Nanny State?  What the GOPe gave us was a NINNY State!

So okay, it’s  open war.  Kinda a relief, actiually, after the undercover fragging we’ve been dealing with.

And y’know, if these new legislators, even the Dems, are younger, at the beginning of their political careers,

…maybe they’ll take into account that Trump, uh, WON.  ( Incredibly, that didn’t seem to impress the GOPe!) And he single-handedly dammed up the “Blue Wave” which historically was likely in his first midterm.

Might he, just, after all, become the universally popular figure Reagan was?  By his second term, some Republican memorably commented, “We’d run him stuffed, if we had to!”

Oh, the Dem establishment , Waters, Cummings, Nadler…they’ll control the committees, and they’ll stick to the 60s radical line.  Like the GOOe, they can no longer feel which way the wind is blowing; they don’t get out much anymore..

this divided Congress might not be so bad for the Trump agenda.   It can hardly be worse for him than the  GOPe majority Congress has been.


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3 thoughts on “Demise of the Ninny State?”

  1. We have eight years to fix the GOP Senate, Kill the gang of 8, rebuild the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI , the CIA and the NSA to serve the constitution again, rebuild the GOP house, rebuild the US economy , fix international trade, rebuild the military , rebuild border security and then fix education K-16.

    It will not ever be easy or certain.

    My biggest worry now is who will take over to carry it on?


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