In latest quirky Swiss poll…..

In latest quirky Swiss poll, voters asked to save cow horns.

In this April 13, 2014 file photo two cows fight during the traditional “Combats de Reines” (“Battle of the Queens”), a cow fight in Bussy-Chardonney, western Switzerland. During the combat the cows simply push forehead against forehead. They also use their horns in different ways. Swiss will decide on Sunday whether to ban farmers from removing cow horns. (Jean-Christophe Bott/Keystone via AP, file)

In this Oct. 19, 2009 file photo cows, some with some without horns, stand in snow, at 1245 meters above sea level in Gaebris, Appenzell, Switzerland. Swiss will decide on Sunday whether to ban farmers from removing cow horns. (Ennio Leanza/Keystone via AP)


The real question is if a farmer has a cow born without horns, will he have to a plastic surgeon in Sweden and have horns surgically implanted to keep up with stereotype or the symbol of Swiss identity?

Some say that the horns are nature’s radiators in the summer time and help to keep the cow cool.

Voters will “butt heads” over the issue and some say it will be a “neck-and-neck” race at the polls.


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  1. I went out and conducted a poll in the neighbourhood: “What do you think about cutting off cows’ horns?”

    The response was strongly “Noooooo!

    Or maybe it was “Moooooo!

    Vache: moo!

  2. In the vote of 2018-11-25, this initiative was defeated.  An initiative constitutional amendment requires a “double majority” to be adopted: it must win a majority of both the national popular vote and a majority of cantons.  (The latter is somewhat complicated because there are full cantons and half-cantons, with the latter having a vote of 1/2 in the total.)

    The initiative was defeated in both contests.  In the national popular vote, it lost with a vote of 54.52% “no”, which was closer than many such elections.  In the vote by cantons, the picture was much more decisive.

    Votation suisse: cornes des vaches

    Only a total of four cantons (Geneva, Ticino, Glaris, and Schaffhouse) voted yes, along with two half-cantons (Basel City and Basel Country) for a total of five for and eighteen against.  The pattern is is pretty clear: most of the popular vote came from the cities, while the countryside was against the measure.

    Around 48% of eligible Swiss citizens voted.  Cows and goats did not vote on the initiative.


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