A must see: The Ingraham Angle

IMHO; it ain’t only the Clintons…  Desperate Obama wants credit for Trump economy. (No surprise there, I never trusted that man. I took an oath to respect the office of the president, I did and I will respect the office, But I could never respect that man that held that office for those turbulent eight years.)

Laura Ingraham says it pretty darn good. I invite you to watch this from Fox News: Barack Obama’s failed reset 

Sore loosers.

Thanks for your time. Gerry

Another little tid-bit of Obama taking credit where no credit is due.


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One thought on “A must see: The Ingraham Angle”

  1. Only Fox News will broadcast this push-back.   Only conservative niche media will present it on the internet.

    The Low-Information Voters will see the “fact-checkers” falling all over themselves to show that Obama was right that oil production increased while he was president, and they will never see that Obama was actually opposing the expansion of oil production the entire time.


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