Heart-throb Hottie

Here’s a young lady with an awesome voice and no short amount of good music behind her.  Apparently this is one of the airheads who decided to join in some witchcraft “binding ceremony” (whatever the Hell that is) against Trump or whatever, but I’m not asking her for advice on world issues.

This song in particular was my introduction to her because of a lawsuit filed about this song too closely resembling another, or more specifically, two other one songs, one of which credited the other.  Lana “Del Rey” Elizabeth Grant credited nobody.  But you know what?  WHile I DEFINITELY hear the similarity, I also hear echoes, perhaps even callbacks, references to other artists, including Muse and Neil Young.  Man, you know time is flying when Muse might be getting callbacks.

The world of music is a conversation, and references to previous work is valid.  I think she did well with a well-worn chord progression, and I can see how the lawsuit got filed.  But I’m just as happy that the plaintiffs didn’t win, no matter how much I enjoyed them (saw them in concert TWICE).

I’ll link at another time to more information on the lawsuit’s origin.  For now — here’s Lana Del Rey, easy on the eyes and got a good thing going on with the groove.

Just don’t ask her about world events.  That’s not her bag, baby.


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