Raise the Cohen of Silence

Oh god.

Please, don’t let me hear that Trump’s  written answers to Mueller have anything to do with whatever Cohen now says he lied  about.

I’m so fatigued with this constant sapping by the Demoncrats, it will almost  be a relief if the citadel  falls.


5 thoughts on “Raise the Cohen of Silence”

  1. You need to listen to Andy McCarthy’s podcast with Rich Lowery. It made me feel better knowing someone like Andy feels the same way we do.

  2. This Cohen crap is just more of the same.  A deal that was discussed only, but for a hotel in Russia, is supposedly the basis for making Trump a colluder and richer?  It’s just the latest chapter in the deep state smokescreen.  I’ve quit reading about this kind of blathering in any detail.  I’m sure Adam Shif-for-Brains will create a glorious looking nothing burger for all to admire and bite.

  3. Cohen pled guilty to lying to congress — specifically, the Senate Intelligence Committee [oxymoron alert!]. Kinda like lying to Pinocchio; he should get a medal and 20% off on a nose job.


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