Merry Christmas!

I thought I would put up a Christmas post before the 25th was gone on my side of the planet.

I remember a year ago when TempTime considered this site as a great Christmas present.  Her thoughts as always were kind. I also remember the hits we got to the site around Christmas time from spammers. They are a giving lot! Luckily things are in more in place this year.

May you and yours have a merry Christmas! Isn’t it great that we get to spend time together?


8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. John, 10 Cents, Jdzro, CTLaw, Pencilvania and all you Ratburgs reading this. Thank you for the gift that keeps on giving… your friendship, your wit, your knowledge, your time, your prayers and your advice.

    May the meager offerings I make in the same areas, even though they are about equal to that of a single candle, somehow show my gratitude to you all.


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