There Was a Tide

“There is a tide in the affairs of men/Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.”

Yeah, and looking back 2 years, I think we missed it.

I read that early in 2017, GOP Congress coulda gotten Wall funding by budget reconciliation. We had won it ALL!   But they didn’t do it.  And Trump signed budget after budget which not only didn’t fund his signature promise, but actively prohibited it.

Yes, great: standing firm now is the least he could do, the best he can do, and it’s also probably the last thing he has power to do.  I support it.  But it’s to little too late.  He shoulda taken this stance in March 2017.

I wonder why he didn’t?  I think probably, contrary to the Lefty portrayal of him as impetuous, headstrong, unwilling to accept counsel,  he did defer to the advice  of GOP Congress members like Ryan and  McConnell.  I think any citizen-president would.  They’d been in DC a long time, he was a newcomer, and: they’re in his own party, for Chrissakes!   Like all of us, he’d been hearing that they desperately wanted to repeal Obamacare and deal with illegal immigration.  And besides, didn’t they owe him for getting the GOP all 3 branches of,our government?  Wasnt it reasonable  to lean toward feeling they were on the same side as Trump and his voters?

And what’s going to happen now, on Jan 3?

Does anybody doubt that Trump is going to be impeached?  He will probably survive the trial in the Senate.  But so what?  There will be wave after wave of investigatory activity.  We will be beaten into the clay by these steelshod  Progs.

Of course I hope I’m wrong.    But O Ratty, do you see any possible positive outcome Of this impasse for Trump and for us?


5 thoughts on “There Was a Tide”

  1. Hypatia:
    We will be beaten into the clay by these steelshod  Progs.

    You should read a book called Up Periscope by Robb White.  It’s about submarines operating in the Pacific during WW2.  One theme is that if you’re going to catch hell and probably die, you should just accept that as a fact and continue performing your mission to the best of your ability.  Agonizing about it doesn’t help.

    And of course, don’t forget Iron Maiden’s pithy reformulation: “If you’re gonna die, die with your boots on!”

  2. I think Trump is certainly going to be impeached, and he realizes this. I think he tried his best to work with the GOPe, and they stabbed him straight square in the back. I think he realizes that too.

    Hence the government shutdown and the orders for a pullout from Syria, despite the hysterical flailing from the usual suspects.

    He has nothing to gain now by playing nice with the people not only want him removed from office but also want his life and family utterly destroyed.

    I hope he realizes that.

  3. Here is a theory of mine. Trump realized the globalist R were not going to fund the wall. Going to war against them was not going to gain much. Going to war against the Dems on this issue is more winnable. Demonizing and going nuclear against the Dems is reasonable. Doing that to your own side is not.

  4. Yes, on election night, which came as somewhat of a surprise to me (not so much as to many, since I’d seen the polls that had been totally wrong on the previous UK general election and Brexit), I thought “The U.S. have won a great reprieve.  Let’s see what they make of it.”

    The answer, regrettably, is “not so much”.

    They have squandered two years of control of all three branches of the government and enacted nearly nothing.

    They blew it, and those responsible are well known.  They should pay the price.  I don’t mean hunt them down and eliminate them, but when they try to cash in as lobbyists, they should be pursued in every corrupt transaction they make and discredited for the rest of their lives.

    It is time to deploy all of the Democrat arsenal against them: ethics, insider trading, nepotism—they are wide open on all of these fronts.

    If the Republicans are too cultured to attack the Democrats on their vulnerabilities, then we’ll bring them down the same way.

    It’s fun shooting targets that don’t shoot back.


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