Idk about the border wall Gofundme.  It’s over $18M now, and you’d think this would be big news. The fact that it isn’t makes me feel like the total is just not very much money.  I mean,  people work and slave and worry all their lives  and never accumulate that much.  The fact that it can be accumulated in 12 days just by asking  for it creates a kinda “throw down the mattock”* moment for me.

But–nonetheless, because of what seems to me, and I’m sure to many Americans, like an impressive fundraising effort, I am resolved to look into whether a GoFundMe site could be started to fund efforts to do away with birthright citizenship.

I don’t say “repeal” because it’s clear, reading the 5th and 14 th Amendments together, that the Constitution does  not mandate unqualified birthright citizenship. Check it out: the 5th provides that “no person” ( no person whatsoever, citizen or non-citizen,  unqualified) shall, inter alia, be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.  The 14th, adopted to protect Southern blacks after the Civil War, is NOT unqualified: in addition to being born or naturalized, the individual has to be “subject to the Jurisdiction” of the US.  It is a principle of statutory construction that every word and phrase of a statute must be given effect. Unqualified birthright citizenship was created by the judiciary and can be abrogated by it,  but, as with other judge-made law like Obergefell,  the social substrate must be worked and leavened. Somebody has to do it.  Or die trying.

The money raised could be used, obviously, to support campaigns for office of right-minded individuals.  It could be used to research the positions of judicial nominees.

What else?  An education campaign Is a sore necessity. The US and Canada are the only 2 developed nations which have unqualified birthright citizenship, by which I mean, pop out here and bingo, you’re an American, with nothing more,  no waiting period, no additional steps to take.    Trump was ridiculed when he said this, but it was accurate.

Because birthright citizenship is the great lure.

It’s  not only the border.  It’s a foreign army of Chinese militants  growing up right now, born to “birth tourists” in San Francisco, who will be able  to walk back in here upon majority, with  their entire families  It’s babies born to the huge number of people who overstay their visas. ( And as the Left will tell you, why, those are by far the greater number of illegals here!)

I can’t resolve here today to actually start a GoFund Me.  I don’t know enough about the rules and policies of the site.  But I do resolve to research the feasibility of  opening such a page.

Any ideas as to what it  should be called? Citizens Awake?    I like No Littering! Too bad that’s taken….


*”The earth is an oyster with nothing inside it, /Not to be born is the best for man./The end of toil is a bailiff’s order, / Throw down the mattock and dance while you can.”  –W.H.Auden, Death’s Echo


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