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The name of Reality Leaker crossed my computer screen today.   The Intercept ran a long column by Reality Leaker’s mother, in which she was whining about how short the sentences handed to Team Trump are, in comparison to Reality Leaker’s 63-month sentence.

I thought it was laughable, but I saw that Salon also had an article about mother Billie Winner-Davis’s whining, and the New York Times has an article about a stage play to tell Ms. Reality Leaker’s story.   Treason should make a great subject for a drama, but we all know that the convicted heroine of the story will be portrayed as a brave whistleblower rather than the treasonous felon she is.

Just to bring this back, so we can dismiss it again.   Reality Winner served in the U.S. Air Force, then took a job with a company that was working for NSA.  She leaked a document about Russian election systems hacking in 2016 to her friends at The Intercept.  They ran with the leak, portraying it as proof that the 2016 election was stolen from Hillary through Russian interference in collusion with Team Trump.

Leaking the document damaged the ability of NSA to investigate several leads that they had unearthed in their Russian hacking investigation.   The extent of the damage she did is not known; prosecutors allowed her to plead guilty in return for a sentence of only five years because they did not want to have to produce additional sensitive information in court.


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  1. Here is The Intercept’s original scoop with Reality Winner’s leak, June 2017:

    Here is an article from that time about Reality Winner and her leaked document:

    Here is the new whining from Reality Winner’s mother:

    You can search on your own for the NYT article.   I am still too fed up with them to link to them.


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