Lunar Lander

How many of you remember the old Lunar Lander video game? For those who don’t it is a simple game that challenges you to land a LEM on the lunar surface. You have to slow down the horizontal speed; slow down the vertical speed; and find a flat place to land. Well, it is simple til you crash a bunch of times because you are going too fast or at the wrong angle. Oh, you also have to watch your fuel. No fuel and you “die’>

You are probably wondering why I am bringing this up. Well, I am on an exercise bike every day and find a game helps me to enjoy the ride. It distracts my mind and gets the kilometers in. Also I met with my Japanese side of my family and played the game with my nephew. He grew up on Play Station 2 so I was wondering how he would like old school video. He liked it and wanted to keep trying till he got the landings right. He is a quiet person so sharing a game worked out better than trying to get him to talk.

I figure some of you are Lunar Lander Pros so you can give me some good advice to not crash so much. So far the moon surface is so full of holes from my failed attempts the “cheese” is not green but Swiss.


4 thoughts on “Lunar Lander”

  1. Really great to hear that you have your nephew engaged in a cerebral, low graphics, physics-based game.  No explosions (except the one that matters), no guns that fire a zillion bullets in all directions, no sensory overload designed to hook you at the reptilian level of the brain.

    Good stuff.


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