Roku kicks Alex Jones off after less than a day

Roku quietly added the Alex Jones channel to their lineup. It took less than a day for the howling leftist mob to get Jones kicked off. Roku tucked tail in record time.

Honestly, at this point, I don’t know who I hate more: the vile Jacobins screaming everywhere, or the corporate world that’s so eager to bend the knee to them.

“The Free Market”. *spit*


4 thoughts on “Roku kicks Alex Jones off after less than a day”

  1. It may be time to start learning something about Solid.  It’s a project, led by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, to build a decentralised architecture where creators of data retain control over it and where it is stored, with links which can reference it from anywhere.

    At present, the problem with such an architecture is that individuals and small institutions cannot afford the bandwidth to host video, but this will change over the next five years with the build-out of 5G technology.  This will reduce the economy of scale of the huge data silos.

    Here is a Vanity Fair article with some background on Solid.

  2. Alex Jones is kooker scum.  Alex Jones has rights.  I support Alex Jones.

    If Alex Jones has no freedom to speak online, none of us do.

  3. I learned something. I always thought “Roku” came from “record” in Japanese but on Wiki it says it comes from the Japanese word for “six”.

    I don’t get why people need to kick Alex Jones off. People are not forced to listen to him if they don’t want. Let people reject him not companies if his ideas are bad.


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