Military Funding & The Wall

I’d come to a few of the conclusions included in this article from American Thinker, but hadn’t completely pierced the funding relationship between the military and immigration.  Plus, it contains a great interpretation of a “MacGuffin”, in stark contrast to Jonah Goldberg’s recent use of it in his latest.

I remain positive about the entire issue, because Trump is about a billion times smarter than his opponents, even though they are firmly aided and abetted by the increasingly irrelevant MSM.  Buck up, little campers!


2 thoughts on “Military Funding & The Wall”

  1. … As Lifson explains, and Michael Roberts explains at The Balance Careers here, on Day 30 of the shutdown, a clause is triggered in these federal employment contracts that enables RIF.  The Office of Personnel Management oversees the RIF process.”

    This is the part I like…

    While the OMB has come out this week saying that civil servants won’t be RIFed without a reorganization plan if the furlough lasts more than 30-days…the S.E.S. are not general series civil servants.  There are very few of them and they are concentrated in Washington D.C.  And Obama Administration S.E.S. “embeds” generally are the lowest seniority and least likely to have a military service veteran preference in the event of a “administrative reorganization” aimed at the S.E.S. during the shutdown.


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