Orwell was wrong: Diversity, not Freedom, is Strength

I’m a member of AA: Academics Anonymous.

As an academic, I have – of course – been thoroughly educated regarding our Diversity Crisis, which rivals only Climate Change in the threat it poses to our planet.  I have been compelled to attend “voluntary” diversity seminars, where it has been revealed to me that “the research” shows that diverse groups produce “better outcomes”.  I have served on faculty searches, where we seek out “diverse candidates” and treat them as more equal than others.

To avoid being labeled as a doubleplusungood thoughtcriminal, I aver to all within earshot that, indeed, Diversity is our Strength.  Truth be told, in quiet moments in my office, I have questioned whether diversity is really the panacea it is made out to be, but for the record I am not known to question this received wisdom from my betters.

And then I saw this graph, and the scales fell from my eyes!  An outfit called Crowdpac compiled information about campaign contributions as a function of profession and political leaning.  For Academics like myself, the distribution is extremely skewed to the far, far left.  Surely, “the research” shows that is conducive to suboptimal outcomes?  While universities also produce great things, the near-absence of non-leftists on campus explains why so much foolishness also emerges from the modern campus – nonsense like “safe spaces” and microaggressions and grievance studies departments and the like.  A few more conservatives and libertarians here and there might keep us from making laughingstocks of ourselves so often.

Oh, wait.  My bad.  “Diversity” actually means people who look different but think only in the accepted ways.  Alas, I shall go back to being invisible.  We have always been at war with Eastasia the Deplorables.

Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me:
There lie they, and here lie we
Under the spreading chestnut tree.


6 thoughts on “Orwell was wrong: Diversity, not Freedom, is Strength”

  1. My go to when things are strange is projection. People see evil in the very thing they do. Diversity is not to be found in group think. I think Chesterton nailed it when he wrote about heresy. People were so proud to be heretics that in some ways it became the new orthodoxy.

    Orwell had it right when he wrote about the Ministry of Truth. People hunger for truth to the point of lying to get it. I guess they believe, “The shall know the lies and it will set them free.”

  2. Cyrano, be extremely cautious.   Your career (whether or not you have tenure) could be in jeopardy.   Your spouse, kids, parents, coauthors, friends and anyone with a known connection to you could also suffer SJW consequences if your thought crimes become known.

    First, start reading over at Heterodox Academy:

    Then read Social Justice Warriors Always Lie:, by Vox Day:

    John Walker wrote a good book review:


    John Walker also reviewed the sequel, which I have not read:


    You are on thin ice.   Prepare very well for the day when you slip up, or the day when your identity is blown and your blogging history becomes fodder for the SJWs.

    Hopefully you can collect enough dirt on the gatekeepers in your department that you can intimidate them.

    Good luck.   May God bless you, and all the remaining two dozen conservatives in academia.

  3. Thanks, MJBubba.

    I’m more careful now than I was in the past, but that reflects the fact that the times are much more dangerous now.  At the same time, I’m less careful than I might be, because I’m financially secure and can walk away unscathed if I wish.  I don’t need to be as concerned as one who doesn’t have tenure and/or a nest egg.  So, I tell myself sometimes, I should speak up for them because they cannot and I can.

    One problem, as you realize, is there are so few of “them”.

    The other problem is that speaking up does no good whatsoever.  The “progressive” is so certain of his/her/xiz’ innate superiority and (wholly imaginary) broadmindedness that they are uneducable.

    “Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.” – Robert A. Heinlein


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