Dissenter is Here

Many news websites have eliminated their comment sections. YouTube has been disabling comments on some channels. Apparently, many journalists are upset about the feedback they’re getting on their articles. In the past, letters to the editor were carefully filtered, thereby allowing newspapers to censor any expressions of wrongthink. Gab has created a workaround called Dissenter: a way to comment at any website using a browser extension. It works with all your favorite browsers:

It’s hard to express just how much fun this is. Just go to your favorite lefty website (WaPo, HuffPo, Everyday Feminism, NYT, SPLC, the Guardian) and read the comments made on the main page. Sample comment on the HuffPo main page: “This is where fat women get their news.” Coincidentally, one of the news items on the HuffPo main page happens to be…
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Steele is Stronger Than Iron

I was in heaven last night watching my favorite conservative author make an unusual appearance on my favorite journalist’s show. Shelby Steele was interviewed by Laura Ingraham. What a segment!

She asked him about the consistent accusations of racism in light of the progress made after the Civil Rights movement succeeded in attaining so many of its goals.... [Read More]


Trading Tips

My husband and I are long term investors and 95% of our portfolio consists of dividend stocks. I do insist that we make a profit on the initial investment as well because dividends can mysteriously disappear if a company does not perform well on Dow Jones or NASDAQ.

However, I have set aside 5% to trade on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. The profits go into our “house account” meaning the money we have set aside to furnish our new home in NO Fla. The outer structure has obviously been paid for by the sale of our current home but as our new house is far more modern, we will unfortunately be unable to use a fair amount of our current furniture.... [Read More]


De-Bunking UFO Nonsense

The nice thing about being an amateur is that you get to let the professionals take over.

For some reason (one of the authors had a book to plug), the New York Times ran a story about a purported UFO incident.  The Times’ behavior was bad enough, but the autistic screeching which followed it was deafening.  The editor of Flying magazine called them on it.... [Read More]


Journ-o-list redux

A new platform for journalists to strategize on the narrative of the day.   This is based in Canada, I think, and is being pushed out to journalists in the UK and America as well.

Right.   They already think alike anyway.   No conspiracy needed.... [Read More]


Sargon and Pool on Tommy Robinson’s Arranged Ban

Tommy Robinson has been banned and deleted from FaceBook and Instagram.  He just aired his “Panodrama” sting, in which he exposed the BBC (a part of the beast anyway) engaging in some really underhanded nonsense.  The BBC later apologized for using a gay slur, while pointedly *not* apologizing for railroad propagandism.

Robinson’s allegations were borne out by evidence which he produced.  YouTube interrupted his broadcast several times — network difficulties, no doubt.  I won’t dwell on it — dwell on these videos instead.... [Read More]


Analyzing an Illustration

I’ve been looking through the illustrations of Arthur Getz, one of my favorite New Yorker cover artists. Getz painted 213 covers for the iconic magazine between 1938 and 1988. In addition to illustration work, he painted cityscapes and landscapes – ‘fine art’ sold through galleries – although he sometimes signed them with his middle name, Kimmig, because at the time a fine artist was not supposed to cross the line into commercial art.

A particular favorite of mine is his cover from 1957:... [Read More]


WordPress Version 5.1 Installed

As of 13:34 UTC today, 2019-02-25, the Ratburger.org site is running on the recently-released WordPress 5.1 update.  All of our local modifications to the core code have been integrated into the new version and tested on the “Raw” server before being installed here on the production site.  The update should be completely transparent to users, as it consists entirely of internal changes in the code intended to improve stability and fix myriad flaws and performance problems in the “block editor” which do not and will never use here.

Details of the testing procedure for 5.1 are posted the Updates Group post for 2019-02-24.  This was simultaneously a massive and trivial update of WordPress.  Almost every PHP and JavaScript file in the software was modified.  Since JavaScript and CSS style sheets were modified, if you notice something odd-looking, you might want to try clearing your browser cache (Ctrl-Shift-Delete on many browsers—be sure to clear only the cache, not cookies or browsing history) and reloading the page.  So far, I have noticed nothing in my testing which required clearing the cache, but your kilometrage may differ.... [Read More]


Amazon Prime Flight Down in Texas

You may have seen this.  A Prime Air (Amazon) flight went down in TX yesterday, depending on your local value of yesterday.  Briefly, it looks to me like the thing suffered a catastrophe at altitude.  Good comms were in evidence leading up to the loss, but no communications were heard from the plane as it began a descent that can be described as free-fall modified by the aerodynamics of a broken airplane.

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Big If Real: Navy Files Patent on Room-Temperature Superconductivity

A long-term technological holy grail is room-temperature superconductivity.  Normal electrical conductors have resistance, and convert part of the electrical energy that flows through them to heat, which is lost.  Superconductivity, a consequence of quantum mechanics, allows an electrical current to flow without any resistance at all, and would allow efficient transmission of electricity over long distances, more efficient motors, and magnetic levitation for devices such as high speed vehicles.

Superconductivity was discovered experimentally in 1911, but was not explained theoretically until 1957 by Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer, who shared the 1972 Nobel Prize in physics for their theory.  The early superconductors required very low temperatures to operate: on the order of the temperature of liquid helium (around 4° K).  It is very expensive to produce liquid helium and keep it liquid: while liquid nitrogen costs about as much as milk; liquid helium costs as much as Scotch whisky.... [Read More]