Richard Epstein on the Green New Deal

Richard A. Epstein is not usually very excitable, speaking, albeit quickly and at great length, in the form of a legal argument. Fair enough: he is one of the most cited legal scholars in the United States. In the most recent episode of his Hoover Institution podcast, “The Libertarian”, however, he goes into a full-on rant about the “Green New Deal”. The first part, where he discusses the bogus connection between carbon dioxide and climate, is especially valuable. It’s only twenty-six minutes and well worth your time.


Author: John Walker

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One thought on “Richard Epstein on the Green New Deal”

  1. John Walker:
    he goes into a full-on rant

    Epstein’s normal mode of discourse is full-rant. When I listen to Law Talk, it’s hard for Yoo or Senik to get a word in edgewise. Maybe filibuster is more accurate. Don’t get me wrong; I like his rants, though I think he benefits from having a moderator.

    Hard to take the GND seriously. Not sure anyone is. I’m gratified to hear Senik introduce it as aspirational. Epstein errs by wading into climate science, which he clearly does not understand too well.


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