Labors in the Afternoon

Labors in the Afternoon

The height of a Man’s Labor comes in the Afternoon.
Morning’s running gait gives way
to the slow, sure steps of diligence.
He wipes his brow, feeling the waning sun,
its waxing heat, and brilliant light.
Morning’s promises are burned away
forging what tasks remain, chosen and unchosen.
Stooping and sighing, (while no one is looking), his eyes
gaze West, and he feels the Truth of Evening:
Many tasks of Morning will go unfinished ere the failing of the light.
Standing straight, he lays aside tools unneeded and
takes ones not touched since sunrise.
In the Afternoon, he will do what can be done,
accepting Wisdoms not seen in the Dawn.
His chores are not less; he will yet sweat and strain.
But a song escapes his lips, and he feels alive again,
as he Labors in the Afternoon.


Bryan G. Stephens 2015


Author: Bryan G. Stephens

Bryan G. Stephens is a former executive on a mission to transform the workplace. He is the founder and CEO of TalkForward, a consulting and training company, utilizing Bryan’s clinical and management expertise to develop managers and teams in a corporate environment. As a licensed therapist with strong understanding of developing human potential, he is dedicated to the development of Human Capital to meet the needs of leaders, managers, and employees in the 21st Century workplace. Bryan has an Executive MBA from Kennesaw State University, Coles School of Business, and both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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  1. Bryan, do you write a lot of poetry?  We’ve seen a few odes to your marital bliss, but nothing else,  before these two posts.  (Or did I miss something?)   Anyway, having known you online over the last few years, I find it so thrilling and inspiring to learn that you are a poet!  The muse lives, she will have her tribute!  Please keep sharing!


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