WordPress Version 5.1 Installed

As of 13:34 UTC today, 2019-02-25, the Ratburger.org site is running on the recently-released WordPress 5.1 update.  All of our local modifications to the core code have been integrated into the new version and tested on the “Raw” server before being installed here on the production site.  The update should be completely transparent to users, as it consists entirely of internal changes in the code intended to improve stability and fix myriad flaws and performance problems in the “block editor” which do not and will never use here.

Details of the testing procedure for 5.1 are posted the Updates Group post for 2019-02-24.  This was simultaneously a massive and trivial update of WordPress.  Almost every PHP and JavaScript file in the software was modified.  Since JavaScript and CSS style sheets were modified, if you notice something odd-looking, you might want to try clearing your browser cache (Ctrl-Shift-Delete on many browsers—be sure to clear only the cache, not cookies or browsing history) and reloading the page.  So far, I have noticed nothing in my testing which required clearing the cache, but your kilometrage may differ.

When I say the update was both massive and trivial, among the 906 files which were modified in the update (every one of which had to be reviewed for possible impact on the site), the overwhelming majority contained only changes to enforce “coding standards” which seem intended to make WordPress code not only dumb but also ugly.  In particular, some member of the band of nincompoops decided that left and right parentheses and brackets should be separated from the material they enclose by spaces, a convention used in no natural language of which I am aware nor by essentially any programming language style guide from the 1950s until Microsoft started crudding up their code this way in the 1990s.  So, when you review the changes, what you see are endless pages of stuff like:

< if (empty($attachment))
< wp_die(__('Please select a file'));
> if ( empty( $attachment ) ) {
> wp_die( __( 'Please select a file' ) );
> }

This, of course, creates endless clutter and potential confusion for any administrator who needs to integrate local modifications to the WordPress code into the update.  In this frenzy of “cleaning up” they did nothing about the hideously long lines of code which, even if broken at white space boundaries by a text editor, obscure the logical structure of the components of the statement.

If you notice anything that doesn’t look right, please note it in a comment.


Author: John Walker

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