De-Bunking UFO Nonsense

The nice thing about being an amateur is that you get to let the professionals take over.

For some reason (one of the authors had a book to plug), the New York Times ran a story about a purported UFO incident.  The Times’ behavior was bad enough, but the autistic screeching which followed it was deafening.  The editor of Flying magazine called them on it.

The New York Times story makes it seem as though the release of the videos came from high-level government officials, glossing over the information that the disclosures were actually spearheaded by an official who led the Pentagon’s relatively small UFO hunting program and who has since resigned to join a Las Vegas company called To the Stars Academy of the Arts and Sciences that is seeking private funding for more UFO research. That’s a major distinction that most in the media appear to be ignoring since the original Times report appeared.

Read the whole thing.  It’s not even new.

Here’s what is new — a comment on a YouTube video quoting me from this thread.  Who knew?  I’m anonymously internet famous!


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