Steele is Stronger Than Iron

I was in heaven last night watching my favorite conservative author make an unusual appearance on my favorite journalist’s show. Shelby Steele was interviewed by Laura Ingraham. What a segment!

She asked him about the consistent accusations of racism in light of the progress made after the Civil Rights movement succeeded in attaining so many of its goals.

Professor Steele’s response knocked my socks off! He said and I have to quote loosely here:

“I grew up in the Jim Crow era and experienced the pain of segregation. Today I live a life that doesn’t remotely resemble that of my childhood. The problem now is that black Americans do not know how to handle freedom and opportunity and fall back on the comfort of victimization.”

Laura Ingraham was speechless as was I.

One further observation:

There are many fine scholars at the Hoover Institution (Thomas Sowell included) but Steele makes unusually original observations. It’s an oldie but a goodie so I recommend picking up his book White Guilt.


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