Politically Correct Fast Food

I can’t believe people want to kick out a fast food chain from airports and cities. What is going on there? Is love for a chicken sandwich the “the love that dare not speak its name”?

I think it is good to be inclusive but I don’t like when the 1 % (or even less) want to rule my life or their virtue signalling fellow travelers.


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  1. Bryan G. Stephens:
    They want to rule as any tyrants want to rule. Dissent is not to be tolerated.

    Anyone who cannot tolerate dissent is secretly afraid.

    They are afraid of the member of the City Council who introduced the motion.

    I do not know who it is, but I have a strong suspicion that that person could be characterized fairly as a “demagogue.”

  2. For all y’all with no clue as to what our expat pal 10 Cents is getting at, the San Antonio City Council passed a measure directing their airport to cancel a contract that was in the works for Chick-fil-A to lease space in their terminal building.   The reason given was the “anti-gay” policies of Chick-fil-A.

    Which is false, slanderous and stupid.

    When the Christian blogosphere first noticed, the Daily Caller broke the story into the conservative blogosphere:


    The San Antonio City Council banned Chick-fil-A from San Antonio International Airport over “anti-LGBTQ behavior” as part of a new concession plan for the airport.

    This is the first we’ve heard of this. It’s disappointing. We would have liked to have had a dialogue with the city council before this decision was made. We agree with Councilmember Treviño that everyone is and should feel welcome at Chick-fil-A. We plan to reach out to the city council to gain a better understanding of this decision,” the company said in a statement.

    Leftist blog ThinkProgress quickly came to the aid of San Antonio with this article:


    Chick-fil-A has taken great pains to downplay its anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and giving, seven years into a national boycott by LGBTQ and allied diners. But contrary to the company’s latest claims that it has no political or social agenda, newly released tax filings show that, in 2017, the Chick-fil-A Foundation gave more than $1.8 million to a trio of groups with a record of anti-LGBTQ discrimination.


    The donations — $1,653,416 to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, $6,000 to the Paul Anderson Youth Home, and $150,000 to the Salvation Army — actually represent a slight increase from the previous year. The foundation’s funding comes almost entirely from the corporate treasury and shares leadership with the company.

    So the real “anti-LGBTQ” bad guys are the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army?   It seems that San Antonio has gone to war against traditionalist Christianity itself.

    And the funds were not given by Chick-fil-A, but by the Chick-fil-A Foundation, which belongs to the Cathy family that owns Chick-fil-A.   I don’t suppose that makes a difference, but it is a bit of nuance that seems to have been left out of many articles.

  3. In a more recent development, the Texas Attorney General is making unhappy noises.


    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants an investigation opened into whether San Antonio’s move to keep Chick-fil-A out of the city’s airport amounts to religious discrimination.  …

    “The City of San Antonio’s decision to exclude a respected vendor based on the religious beliefs associated with that company and its owners is the opposite of tolerance,” Paxton’s statement read.

  4. I saw this mentioned in the Christian blogosphere a week ago.   I took Snooks out for a “cheap date” to Chick-fil-A.   The one in Germantown TN is next to the Wolf River.   We walked about two miles of the trail along the river, then had our supper.   The food was good, the service superb, and the whole place was filled with the vibe of people on their way to or from Saturday evening church, which is popular among both Evangelicals and Catholics in our area.

  5. Ted Cruz


    The details of this story are even worse. San Antonio City Council voted to ban ⁦@ChickfilA⁩ from the airport bc the company gave to…the Fellowship of Christian Athletes & the Salvation Army?!? That’s ridiculous. And not Texas. #LeftistIntolerance https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/articles/2019-03-22/chick-fil-a-banned-from-opening-in-san-antonio-airport 

    2:07 PM – Mar 23, 2019
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    Chick-fil-A Banned From Opening in San Antonio Airport

    The San Antonio City Council voted to pass a project as long as it didn’t allow Chick-fil-A to open an eatery in the airport.


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