Monday Meals: Educated Potatoes

This is a plate of “Educated Potatoes”. I am being free with the translation. The Japanese is 大学芋, Daigaku Imo. The first two characters mean “big” and “learning” therefore “college/university”. The last character means “potato’.

As you look at the picture you will see this is not your normal plate of fries. They are not deep fried and they are candied. They are not your normal white potatoes but sweet potatoes covered in a syrup with sesame seeds. This plate came hot and sticky.

I will let みきママ, Miki Mama show you one way to cook them. Notice the long chopsticks used in cooking. You can also hear that paper towels are called “kitchen paper”. I think it comes from their use in cooking. The amber liquid used is honey in making the syrup if you are wondering. At the top of the video screen is ヒンヤリ, hinyari and カリカリ, karikari. This means chilled and crisp. The kids are sure cute at the end of the video.


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