Echo into the Future

Dateline: Paris, October 17, 2021: The trial of Salvatore Savini commenced today for the alleged arson hoax of the Notre Dame Cathedral in April of 2019.

The fanatic Christian is charged with arson, fraud and a hate crime for planting Islamic artifacts in an attempt to mislead investigators into believing the arson of the Notre Dame Cathedral was perpetrated by Islamic radicals.

Mr. Savini’s attorney, while not absolving his client’s actions, has claimed his client was very distressed at the growing number of churches in France being desecrated, burned and vandalized, and believed blaming the destruction of the iconic cathedral on Islamists was the only way to bring attention to bear on the issue.

The plea entered is “not guilty by temporary insanity.”

The attorney, Jacque Cochraine, is planning on using what is known as the Jussie Smollet Defence as a legal precedent. His client was so triggered by these attacks on so many churches in France, he felt compelled to act.

The prosecution claims that Mr. Savini by perpetrating this hoax, has done lasting damage to the Muslim community, and damaged civil relations between Christians and Muslims.


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  1. Franco, this was good. No amount of evidence would be enough to change minds. Some people would believe the impossible as long as the culprit came from the right group. Jacque Cochraine made me laugh.  Judge E. Toye was part of the case, right?


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