How Liberty Dies – 21st Century Version

If polls are correct, the Swiss, who were once as liberty-minded as Americans were (past tense), are about to vote themselves a step closer to tyranny. They will vote, apparently, Sunday to kow-tow (cow-tow?) to the EU’s demand that, in order to retain certain touted economic benefits of the Schengen bilateral agreement, Switzerland must gut its existing gun laws so as to conform with those of the EU. It seems a thoroughly modern rendition of lèse-majesté perpetrated by an un-elected elite. That the Swiss would meekly go along would have been unthinkable not long ago.

All so-called media reports cite how the EU tightened its gun laws following the 2015 (Islamist is omitted) mass murders in Paris – “perpetrated by gunfire.” End of analysis. No matter that the fully-automatic guns used were already illegal everywhere; that they were illegally obtained outside the EU and illegally imported. The ready knee-jerk answer of EU unelected bureaucrats: disarm the general public so as to be absolutely certain their citizens can never even think of defending themselves! (against an unassimilable mass of individuals hostile to the host culture – intentionally imported by these same elites). So the venerable Swiss, threatened with some overstated economic penalties, are apparently about vote to surrender a right their ancestors fought and died to bequeath them. This seems to be the pattern by which liberty withers and fractional slavery encroaches upon the inhabitants of Western modernity. To my way of thinking, individuals who hand over more than half their earnings to government are fractional slaves. We can disagree as to the precise fraction.

Also un-recalled is the scant evidence that European governments can be trusted to protect their so-called citizens. Actually, the evidence of the 20th century cuts quite the other way (see Death by Government by R.J. Rummel). Now the Swiss, so quickly forgetting why Hitler’s Anschluss respected only their borders, are surrendering proactively, and for lucre. Sad. And surely a harbinger of the integral (as opposed to fractional) slavery to come. As it will likely be implemented digitally (the state will control the internet and all that appears therein (see The Digital Imprimatur by John Walker)) our descendants in the West will likely inhabit an integral, digital, gun-free, near-perfect tyranny.


Author: civil westman

Driven to achieve outward and visible things, I became a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer. Eventually, I noticed the world had still not beat a path to my door with raves. Now, as a septuagenarian I still work anesthesia part-time, fly my flight simulator to keep my brain sparking and try to elude that nagging, intrusive reminder that my clock is running out. Before it does, I am trying, earnestly, to find a theory of everything - to have even a brief "God's-eye" view of it all before the "peace which passeth all understanding."

4 thoughts on “How Liberty Dies – 21st Century Version”

  1. 10 Cents:
    Is this like giving up one’s seat in a lifeboat to get a stateroom on the Titanic?

    Not quite because at this point (pre-vote) the Swiss are not on the Titanic. It’s more like giving up your meager room on the Carpathia for a stateroom on the Titanic.

  2. As was expected, Swiss voters knuckled under to the threats from the European Union and approved the federal decree limiting their centuries-old right to bear arms.  Here are the official results on the Confederation’s Web site.   With a total turn-out of 43.3%, 63.7% of voters accepted the decree.  This was a federal measure which requires the “double majority”: popular vote and cantons.  In addition to the large margin in the popular vote, 25 of 26 cantons voted to approve the measure, with only the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino rejecting it by a margin of 45.5% yes versus 54.5 no.

    As noted in the main post, the EU used the Schengen Agreement as a wedge to force Switzerland to bend to its will.  As is usually the case, this issue was never discussed when Schengen was ratified, nor is it mentioned in the agreement.  It was simply linked to it in the usual style of the anti-democratic EU and used as a bludgeon.

    As I like to say, the populations of countries who joined the “European Union” should have first asked the people of the Congo how they liked being ruled from Brussels.


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