Sumo of All Fears

UPDATE:Video added

Donald Trump has gone into the professional wrestling ring again. This time there are no ropes and the ring is made of pounded dirt. There are no folding chairs, fakery, or tattoos. He broke years of tradition by giving away the first ever President’s Cup to the winner of the Tokyo Sumo Tournament. He even got some stairs so he could get to the ring without much trouble. Special bench seating was given to him and his wife which broke with tradition. The size of the trophy was YUGE. (What else did you expect? If you put wheels on it you might be able to drive it.) It was so big that a sumo wrestler helped him lift it up and give it to the winner. No other president has ever done this. Nixon might have gone to China but he never went to sumo.

I will try to put up pictures and a video when they become available.

From USA Today

The “President’s Cup” is huge — according to the White House, it stands around 54 inches (close to 5 feet) and weighs between 60 and 70 pounds. A message left with The White House from USA TODAY Sports about funding for the President’s Cup had not been returned as of Saturday afternoon.

The President’s Trophy, a trophy presented by President Donald Trump to the winner of the sumo wrestling tournament at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium, sits in the lobby of the Palace Hotel Tokyo, Sunday, May 26, 2019, in Tokyo. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


11 thoughts on “Sumo of All Fears”

  1. Kevin Schulte:
    Say Dime, is Trump viewed favorably or unfavorably by most Japanese ? How does the news media in Japan treat him ?

    I don’t know. Most Japanese consume what the major news networks put out so their views are skewed by that.

    I think most Japanese enjoyed seeing Trump at this Sumo match. They like Americans.

  2. Why did I feel like Trump could have been in his element here? Big, tough guys who work hard to throw their opponents out of the ring?

    Shinzō Abe made the perfect choice. 🙂

  3. Trinity Waters:
    I used to travel extensively on business to Japan.   During my spare time I often watched sumo on TV.   It is a peculiar and exciting sport.

    I’ve always wondered about the lifespan of sumo wrestlers. It can’t be long; that enormous weight must put an enormous strain on the heart.


  4. ctlaw:
    Imagine what the media will do when Trump visits a country that has hole in the floor toilets.

    Japan is a pretty high tech country; I don’t think they’ve seen hole in the floor toilets since pre- WWII.


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