Lauren Southern has a new documentary, Borderless, released on 24May2019. It concerns the immigration crisis in Europe. As with her previous documentary, Farmlands about attacks on white farmers and the general disorder in South Africa, her new documentary has professional-level production values. She traveled to several locations with her crew to investigate the nature and scope of human trafficking in Europe and Asia Minor. Even though it’s only been out for about two days, it already has about a half million views. It is free to view on YouTube (at least for now)* and on BitChute.

The film opens on the Turkish coast, near the island of Lesbos (Λέσβος). Because of its proximity to Greece, this location is often used as a staging area for migrants seeking to enter Europe illegally. Southern interviews a Turkish farmer in the area who explains how the area has become unsafe because of the influx of smugglers and migrants. She also interviews some Afghanis who are trying to make the crossing.

Southern moves on to Morocco, a staging area for migrants crossing to Spain. There are two autonomous Spanish cities on the Moroccan coast, Melilla and Ceuta, that serve as convenient launching points for illegal immigration into Spain. Even though there is a fortified border barrier, migrants storm the wall on a regular basis.

Back in Lesbos, Southern visits a refugee camp, interviews some inhabitants and a Médecins Sans Frontières physician who describe the conditions and dangers in the camp, and expose a scam whereby physicians falsify medical records to facilitate illegal migration. One of her producers  conducts an undercover interview with an NGO operative who explains how she trains migrants to game the refugee system.

There’s a lot more, including interviews with immigration-skeptic MEPs, a visit to the Bulgarian border with Turkey, interviews with residents of a small town in Ireland overrun with migrants. Southern’s reporting is closer to objectivity than to advocacy. She concludes that migrants are exploited by traffickers, NGOs, and governments without consideration or care about the effects on the local European population. She concludes with…

The story of a borderless Europe is one where nobody wins.

This film is definitely worth 90 minutes of your time.

*The original upload of this film on 24May was apparently taken down by YouTube without explanation. Perhaps it was an “accident.” However, the censors seem to be leaving the re-upload alone.


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