Royal Visitor

In the center of this photo is a solitary white swan which appeared on our lake yesterday.  I call him Ozymandias.  He may be gone by today, like King Arthur : “Where is he that knows?/ From the great deep to the great deep he goes! ”

But oh the sense of wonder!  I assumed it must be just a light-colored  Canadian goose, of which we have plenty.  “That’s a swan!” Insisted my husband ( he of the striped rugby shirt, lower right corner)   The majestic creature didn’t let our noisy rowboat get too close, gliding ever before us at the same distance.   I wish you all such a moment!

Update: yesterday morning I couldn’t find him; he may have been concealed by the mists.  But  last  night as we rode past the upper lake at sunset, we saw His Serene Majesty among  the reeds.  He’s probably just making a leisurely progress upstream, but..I read that swans like still, shallow bodies of water with lotsa vegetation—that’s us!  So maybe he’ll stay awhile! 


2 thoughts on “Royal Visitor”

  1. …and seeing it there felt  like a Nessie sighting!

    Alas, it has moved on this morning; I just checked both our upper and lower lakes.  Sic transit…..


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