Serenity As A Time Share

It being the Red Headed Irish Wisecracker’s birthday we headed to the Ridgefield NWR, which is only seven miles from where our new home will be.

Memorial Day weekend weather here in the Wet Northwest is soggy, with 99.9% chance of overcast except for brief gorgeous sunshine, deep blue skies and white cumulus clouds if you act without hesitation.

So we fired up the F150 and our new Canon SX70 and went in search of sunshine and wildlife.

Flashing my $10 vintage lifetime Curmudgeon pass to all Federal lands we arrived and enjoyed a serene and gorgeous afternoon.

Still getting the hang of handholding a 65 power telephoto with live subjects, even with image stabilization, so bear with me.

None of these animals watch CNN, FOX, MSNBC or read blogs. I do understand they are arguing about the ending to GOT. Apparently , some were rooting for Drogon and the winged faction was quite pleased.


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5 thoughts on “Serenity As A Time Share”

  1. 10 Cents:
    What does the title of this post mean?

    We all can find places where we achieve a feeling of serenity. Sometimes is in memory, sometimes live, sometimes in the company we keep. Serenity is a dangerous drug and needs to be experienced in small doses lest we forget what a violent and dangerous universe we inhabit.

    So view some special places as ‘time share’ locations where we go to get a small dose of serenity.


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