More Data on Google/YouTube Wielding Political Influence

This guy does a great job laying out numbers showing that YouTube is targeting specifically US-based audiences with a selective algorithm.  In my own terms, YouTube is saturating your feed with leftist pabulum while de-platforming political content which YouTube does not like.  Those are the general and the specific variants of their political machine.


This Week’s Book Review – Winning Armageddon

I write a weekly book review for the Daily News of Galveston County. (It is not the biggest daily newspaper in Texas, but it is the oldest.) After my review appears on Sunday, I post the previous week’s review here on Sunday.... [Read More]


Now, that’s Funny

The Kepler spacecraft was launched into heliocentric orbit in 2009.  Its primary mission was to stare at a small area of the sky and monitor around 150,000 stars in its field of view (around twice the size of the bowl of the Big Dipper), watching for the subtle dimming of stars when planets orbiting them passed in front of their parent stars (a transit).  Before its retirement in October, 2018, it had discovered 2,662 exoplanets (planets orbiting stars other than the Sun).  It also saw some other, very curious things.

You may have heard about Tabby’s Star (KIC 8462852), a main sequence star which exhibits irregular deep dimmings which have, so far defied all attempts to explain them.... [Read More]


Stop the World, I Wanna Get Off!

I think that was the title of some, what, 1960s, musical?  But it’s how  I feel after the Dem debates.

Are you an Anne Rice fan? I am.  But what I’m thinking of right now, I can’t eben remember what novel, is something she wrote about America being the Ark.  The deluge is coming (again) but our country had absorbed and would preserve remnants of every ethnicity, every culture of the globe.  It’s all here in our mélange, like chalcedony: now a part of a greater whole, and inseparable therefrom, yet somehow distinct within it.... [Read More]


National Popular Vote

Our situation is desperate. We need conservatives to mobilize in several key states to head off disaster.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an initiative designed to prevent purple states from being won by President Trump in 2020. It is a scheme to steal the electoral votes of purple states away from their voters by subterfuge. Legislatures with Democrat majorities in states with Democrat governors have passed this law while most Trump voters were busy with their personal lives. The people are having their votes stolen away from them without any chance to directly vote on the measure.

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Savvy “Risker”

This is a quote from a person who was on Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee called Risker. It captures the craziness of online things well.

It comes across as a FUD campaign: we’ll temporarily ban people who did something wrong according to rules we haven’t shared, but we won’t tell you what they did, what can be done to prevent similar actions, or whether we’ll change the [unshared] rules again without telling you. . . . Bluntly put, I feel much less safe working on a Wikimedia project today than I did a week ago, because one of the most fundamental understandings I had about working here has now been proven wrong.... [Read More]


America Died Peacefully in Her Sleep Last night

Again, I didn’t watch it all.  But what I’m thinking of is the moment  when all the Dem wannabes raised their hands to guarantee healthcare for illegals.  Ten politically prominent members of one of the established parties of our two-party system.  And in the midst of a huge and catastrophic onslaught on the border,  not only by Central Americans but by anybody from the entire third world who can get an airline ticket to Mexico or Guatemala City. ( and oh yeah: their families, too, once they get in here.)

Yeah, go ahead and laugh.  That’s the end of the race! ,tweeted Trump, and the NY Post featured that all-hands-raised photo with the caption, “Who Wants to lose the election?”... [Read More]


Book Review: Diabolical

Milo Yiannopoulos has a well-deserved and hard-earned reputation as a controversialist, inciter of outrage, and offender of all the right people. His acid wit and mockery of those amply deserving it causes some to dismiss what he says when he’s deadly serious about something, as he is in this impassioned book about the deep corruption in the Roman Catholic church and its seeming abandonment of its historic mission as a bastion of the Christian values which made the West the West. It is an earnest plea for a new religious revival, from the bottom up, to rid the Church of its ageing, social justice indoctrinated hierarchy which, if not entirely homosexual, has tolerated widespread infiltration of the priesthood by sexually active homosexual men who have indulged their attraction to underage (but almost always post-pubescent) boys, and has been complicit in covering up these scandals and allowing egregious offenders to escape discipline and continue their predatory behaviour for many years.

Ever since emerging as a public figure, Yiannopoulos has had a target on his back. A young, handsome (he may prefer “fabulous”), literate, well-spoken, quick-witted, funny, flaming homosexual, Roman Catholic, libertarian-conservative, pro-Brexit, pro-Trump, prolific author and speaker who can fill auditoriums on college campuses and simultaneously entertain and educate his audiences, willing to debate the most vociferous of opponents, and who has the slaver Left’s number and is aware of their vulnerability just at what they imagined was the moment of triumph, is the stuff of nightmares to those who count on ignorant legions of dim followers capable of little more than chanting rhyming slogans and littering. He had to be silenced, and to a large extent, he has been. But, like the Terminator, he’s back, and he’s aiming higher: for the Vatican.... [Read More]


Even More Boring Than the Debates

Instead of watching the Democrats debate (not that I would anyway), we went to performance of Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days, starring Dianne Wiest. It’s essentially a one-woman show. There is one other cast member but he has a very minor role. I had previously read Beckett’s more famous Waiting for Godot and found it tedious and pointless. Since hope springs eternal, I’d hoped that a performance could breathe life into Beckett. Alas, it was not to be.

The play is in two acts. It opens with Winnie, a woman in her fifties, buried up to her waist in the sand on a beach. She’s awakened by a loud bell and proceeds to narrate her daily routine, punctuating it with declarations of how happy she is, as a stream of consciousness. Her husband, the sixtyish Willie, is hardly seen and rarely speaks. The plot, such as it is, is laid out in greater detail in this article.... [Read More]


A Book Note

In The Dead and Those About to Die, D-Day: The Big Red One at Omaha Beach,  John C McManus describes the planning, training, decision-making, first wave, subsequent waves, breakout up the cliffs and draws, and establishment of the beachhead a bit inland.  Prior to systematic discussion of these, McManus places a Prologue that gives the reader some idea of the first-wave landing from the Higgins boats.  It is titled “Shock.”... [Read More]


Yankee, Come Home!

Call me anything you want, in any  language—but I’m just gonna say it:  I’m horrified by the polyglot performances of Booker, Castro and O’Rourke last night.

I felt the same way when Kerry oiled his way into French.  And yes I’m a Francophile, but an American  Francophile, okay?  I do not want to hear  our nation addressed, nor to hear another nation addressed by our representative, except in English.... [Read More]