Every Cadet Video

You have to hand it to Trump to shake every graduating cadets hand at the Air Force Academy. It takes some time but it was worth it. I just watch the start but I think I will try to get through all this video in the next few days.


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  1. This is even more remarkable than you think.  My brother-in-Law is a lifelong paparazzo; he lives in NY and his hobby has always been to approach the rich’n’famous, talk to ‘em, get a picture.  He said he met Trump, like 30 years ago, and Trump declined to shake his hand, just said he didn’t do that, ever, sorry.  He was known to be  a germophobe.

    But during the campaign, my intrepid in-law got up close to Trump again.  He said,it’s ok, I know you don’t like to shake hands.

    And Trump said, “Well, l, I remember seeing you thirty years ago—you’re still alive, so I guess you don’t have any diseases!” and  offered a hearty handshake!

    ( Trust me, this is true.  If you knew my brother in law, you’d realize  he does not have to make stuff like this up; he gets into enough truly incredible situations…)

  2. I watched more of the video. The Air Force Academy has a nice tradition. After you walk the line you wait for the next person to walk the line. The next person salutes and sometimes hug you then they take their place. You can see the love between the cadets and the joy of graduating.

    It did my heart good to see these cadets being honored.


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