Weekend Cruising

Sunday at 2pm one of us decided to go somewhere. This week, the adventure target was the Deschutes River Conservancy Area near Maupin , OR.
The other one decided it had potential, so off we rolled in the F150.

I love day trips. The weather was perfect, sunny along the whole route and all we needed to do was grab a travel mug of coffee (Try Black Rifle, I recommend highly) , a bag of beef sticks and grain free granola bars, the new camera and off we rolled. All else is in the truck at all times.

We had not done the run over Mt Hood in a while and it did not disappoint. The momentous presence held our gaze for miles as we drove over the southern side. We descended through the forest of ponderosa pine to the beginnings of the high desert as we crossed the Warm Springs Res.

We found Maupin, and I was able to out route the GPS by the unique human ability of looking at another map so we arrived just around 5pm at the Deschutes river.

River here was placid .

River here was not.

So we came home via the Columbia Gorge on I 84. Here is a shot upriver at near sunset.

And here is an unloaded coal barge heading back for another load shot downriver.

A good time was had by all.


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