Did a petty President Trump want the name of the USS McCain hidden during his visit?

This whole episode has set of my BS detector. Something does not feel right. People are using words to describe things that do not correspond with the conclusions they expect us to draw.

Recall that McCain is damaged and 10 sailors were killed on it. My guess is that a thoughtful staffer was concerned about Trump making an appearance with a mass death scene in the background. The description of the request that the ship be “out of sight” seems more consistent with this motivation than with  Trump pettiness.

The tarp over the McCain name shown in media photos had already been on the ship due to the repair work. Snopes reports:

One of those officials reportedly clarified that a tarp used on the ship, which temporarily covered the vessel’s name, had been placed there as part of ongoing maintenance rather than specifically for the purpose of keeping the McCain family name out of view for Trump’s visit, and that the tarp had been removed before Trump’s speech.

Combining fragmentary info on the request with fragmentary info on the tarp  (omitting its pre-existence), and given the media’s anti-Trump narrative, someone (including Mick Mulvaney) could erroneously reconstruct a White House request to hide the name McCain.


5 thoughts on “Did a petty President Trump want the name of the USS McCain hidden during his visit?”

  1. I don’t care if he did.  Im glad ithappened; it gaveTrump a chance to recount the smarmy old quisling’s traitorous actions.

  2. Frankly, some of these military “disasters” are self-proscribed by journalists.

    Remember the infamous JFK PT boat collision from which he won a medal and a lucrative book contract? In fact, he was the first person in military history to run into the enemy on that type of vessel, because he was careless, reckless, and negligent.

    I can admire McCain’s fortitude during his imprisonment but he ain’t no Christopher Scott Kyle…

    Image result for navy seal kyle

  3. Hypatia:
    … it gave Trump a chance to recount the smarmy old quisling’s traitorous actions.

    To clarify, the USS John S. McCain (DDG-56) was named after the senator’s grandfather and father, both of whom bore the same name and eventually rose to the rank of admiral in the U.S. Navy.  Both served in World War II: the elder commanding an aircraft carrier and carrier task force, the younger two submarines.  Senator McCain’s father eventually became Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Command before retiring in 1972.

    In a 2018 re-dedication ceremony the senator’s name was added “as a namesake”, whatever that means.  But when the ship entered service, it was not named for him, which would have been completely inappropriate as he was a serving legislator at the time.


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