Ramadan Bombathon report 2019

Ramadan ended last week.   Here is the tally.

No casualties in America this year.   A pretty big number overall.   911 killed and 1006 wounded.   Do you recall seeing any of this in the news?   Didn’t think so.

I got the map from Breitbart.   This global story of death and destruction is only found in conservative niche media and Christian niche media.   Mass media Fake News journalism is a Leftist project, and is determined to hide the extent of the violence wrought by the Religion of Peace.

Afghanistan, Syria and Nigeria led the way for 2019.   In Afghanistan and Syria most of the casualties were Muslims who are too moderate for jihadi sensibilities.   In Nigeria the dead were Christians.


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  1. Breitbart’s article has plenty of information:


    ReligionOfPeace.com has updates with jihadist violence since the end of Ramadan:



    2019.06.06 (Yemen) Terrorists throw a grenade into a concert, killing a child.

    2019.06.05 (Afghanistan) The Islamic State fire a mortar round into a house, injuring four children and killing their mother.

    2019.06.05 (India) A woman bleeds to death after being shot by Islamic radicals.

    2019.06.04 (Yemen) An imam and nine worshippers are shot dead by Shiite extremists to settle a dispute over Ramadan prayers.

    2019.06.04 (DRCongo) ADF Islamists hack thirteen villagers to death.

  2. Muslims are the Dems of the world!  It doesn’t seem to matter what awful, reprehensible thing they do, somehow it’s just…in bad taste to mention it….

  3. Hypatia:

    Trump voters.   They don’t say much because it would invite trouble.

    I hope they show up in November 2020 in bigger numbers than before.


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