Big day: John Dean, a convicted felon, famous for his  rôle in actively aiding and abetting the nation’s most famous presidential lying scandal, will take the oath today to tell Congress the truth.

Wait: Cep’n He doesn’t know  any current “facts” the  entire rest of the nation doesn’t know (that is, if you accept what Mueller wrote as “fact”).

Watergate was glory days for the Dems!  In 1976 they knew they couldn’t lose, despite the human poultice of the placid, obviously decent Gerald Ford having been plastered over the festering national wound.  Nuh-uh!   Plastic “waterbugs”  ( a brilliant  conflation of the name of the burglary site and Nixon’s self-bugging)  adorned the tables at their banquets.

And win they did!  Bringing us stag-flation, national  malaise,  a manipulated “energy crisis “, an interminable hostage crisis which ended on the dot at the moment Reagan took  the oath of office!  Morning in America, indeed— after one hell of an awful night.

Everybody should watch the movie All the President’s Men.  I’ll bet David Hyde Pierce did a better job of portraying the shifting (and shifty) emotions of the quicksilver chamelion  young Dean, than old Mr. Dean himself can do!

Well, O Ratty?  Can we rely on America’s famously short memory to ensure the Dem attempt to return to their most glorious days of the  20th Century  falls flat?  ( John Dean who’s he? Maybe  you mean James  Dean?)

Or is there actually a possibility that they can recreate the nation’s mood of wounded indignation which led to Carter’s ignominious tenure?


3 thoughts on “Dean-osaurus”

  1. They had to go with John Dean. Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti were both busy doing other things.

    Sometimes I watch Jerry Nadler to just to see his acting.

  2. This is for the photo-op.   All those Democrats want a picture with one of the Watergate characters.

    On the Left, children are entertained with tales of the brave fierce Democrats and Journalists who brought down the bad bad Republican President.   The current House Democrats are looking for a way to associate with the legend.


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