4 thoughts on “Worth a Moment of your Time”

  1. Tyranny will always prefer people to see themselves as classifications and/or victims instead of independent individuals.

    Great line and great post. Thanks for sharing this TT.

  2. “That single word” is something we give to others and accept from others. It is wonderful word but messy at times. “Control” is cleaner but not as much fun or honest. People die for that word and I am told it lit the way to a better place.

  3. Our Don had me at “Freedom’s altar”…..I shivered.

    This is a great piece.  He’s right: the choices are simple.

    “It is one with the Earth’s generations/With the spirit, the  star, and the sod ;/ With the kingless and king-stricken nations,/ With the cross, and the chain, and the rod….The most high, the most secret, most lonely:/ Freedom, the Earth-soul, that  only/Lives, and that only is God.”  —A. C. Swinburne


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