Ladies And Gentlemen: Once Again, It. Is. On.

Today was the opening ceremony for Fuerzas Comando 19. This year, the competition will be held in Chile. Special Operators from about 19 countries from the Caribbean, the US, and Central and South America will square off to see who will be the Fuerzas Comando champion.

It’s a week of suck. Don’t come if you don’t want to hurt. You can follow the competition on Facebook via the SOCSOUTH page.

I’ve posted this before, and I’ll do it again. If I can keep up, I’ll post updates here.

Probably the best FC promo made, and not just because it’s got a little Mongo in it.


10 thoughts on “Ladies And Gentlemen: Once Again, It. Is. On.”

  1. MJBubba:
    Hey, Boss M., are you a participant or a moderator for this competition?

    MJ, I have no affiliation with this exercise, at this time (otherwise, my happy patootie would be in Chile right now).  But, my unit runs the exercise, and I’ve been closely affiliated with it in the past.  Just think it’s good for people to know that proud ‘Muricans are out there, building bridges and relationships, despite what you read in the press.  I will tell you (in a been there/done that kinda way) this competition is no joke.  I’ll put more in the comments later.

  2. BossMongo:
    this competition is no joke.

    Would not expect that.   The tough guys who make it onto the competition team take it seriously.   It is part of training, and they train seriously.

  3. TKC 1101:
    Do they have a YouTube channel? This would be killer television.

    TKC, the promo vid posted was from a documentary Paraiso Pictures did in 2012.  The SOCSOUTH FB page follows the competition, but I’m kind of underwhelmed at what our PAO puts out for public consumption.

    Sometimes they’ll double-tap FB and youtube.  I’ll try to grab that and put in the comments here.  Still, for something we want to promote as a win-win story, you’d think our dissemination plan would be more…sophisticated.

  4. The team that Team Obama put in charge of military PR is still running that show.

    Some of the PR chores are handled through consultant contracts.   I don’t know, but my guess is that those contractors think tough guys are misanthrope clingers and find special forces training to be yucky.

    There is still some serious swamp-draining to do at the Pentagon.


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