Gerd Gigerenzer Quote

”If reason conflicts with a strong emotion, don’t try to argue. Enlist a conflicting and stronger emotion.” Gerd Gigerenzer from “Risk Savvy”

People often think facts matter. They do but decisions are made more from emotions than facts and we need to know this and act accordingly.


3 thoughts on “Gerd Gigerenzer Quote”

  1. TempTime:
    Being bright red in a baby blue family, I think I should probably read this book.  🙂

    It might be risky, TempTime.

    I am enjoying the book so far. I need to be more risk literate.

  2. Me too.   I use facts too often. and. uncomfortable, obvious (to me) truths.  The result?  They get ’emotional’ and I’m accused of being ‘mean’.   There is a reason I have a ‘black sheep’ made of Irish wool on my desk.  🙂


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