4 thoughts on “One of my favorite photos from the Trump Rally tonight in Orlando …”

  1. MJBubba:
    Hey, Ms. TempTime,

    Did you go to Orlando for the rally?

    No, not able to attend.  But I loved watching the upload from Right Side Broadcasting company on YouTube.   I was thrilled to see the turnout, given Orlando is one of those serious ‘Democrat’ cities in the worst sense of the word today.  Of course, the Orlando Sentinel (not at all concerned with being premature) has already declared in today’s editorial pages that they will not be endorsing Trump for President.  Period.  Well, I think they mentioned they may consider an endorsement if he finds a cure for cancer.

    BTW, Just saw pictures of a huge crowd awaiting his arrival at the Miami International Airport tonight.   It’s very exciting for us to see such a big Welcome!  Hopefully our local politicians will behave in a civil and courteous manner.

    I haven’t been watching much of the news (Thank goodness my Hubby does, or I’d have no idea of what is going on), so, I am not sure who he will be meeting with here in Miami.    Of course, they do not give President Trump much coverage down here (unless it is negative) which is why we were surprised that one of the tv stations did actually show photos of the huge crowds at the airport.

  2. The Don was certainly the SUPERSTAR last night. I sat mesmerized in front of the TV for hours; watched the whole thing three times. I’d bet a thousand dollars most of that speech was not being read on a teleprompter; it was coming from the heart.

    The only thing the Trump people missed? I think it would have been a fab way to start the rally showing a video of all those people lining up 40 hrs early in 90 degree heat and rain to see him. That was a powerful statement!


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