11 thoughts on “Title IX Complaint re. CT Transgender High School Sports Policy”

  1. Love seeing people tied themselves into logical knots. Liberals need to say people are equal/the same even though every can tell by a simple photograph this is not true. It just goes to show they destroy the very thing they are trying to help.

  2. I love sports more than any woman on this planet but it’s got to be on a fair playing field.

    No way that testerone should be competing against estrogen. And why should it?

    I love  the WNBA as much as the NBA; women’s softball as much as MLB; enjoy the Olympic competitions even though those damn Canuck females always beat our American women in hockey!

    Anyone remember when  Navratilova was questioned seriously on her estrogen levels during the height of her tennis career?

    The East German female athletes during the Olympics?

    It’s a real problem.

  3. Bryan G. Stephens:
    this is like our call last night. Imagine if we find genes that lead to homosexuality. People will use abortion to abort gay children.

    I actually think homosexuality is not a genetic issue as is transgender dysphoria.

    Remember homosexuality has been around for centuries. If you want to take a purely feminist point of view, look at the Greeks. Women were useful for child-bearing only, but men were the objects of true love and devotion. They were revered for having the intelligence, the education, the moral authority.

    Interesting that great cultures such as the Greeks, the Mesopotamians, the Aztecs went to hell in a  hand basket because they completely disenfranchised 50% of their population. Not smart and even though American women didn’t get the vote until the early 20th century, they engendered enormous influence.

    See: Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison, Alice Paul, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

  4. I hope the result of this case is a solid court ruling that says that the word “sex” in Title IX cannot be considered to be a synonym for “gender.”

    The Left has already succeeded in importing a world of confusion into the word “gender.”   We need to hold the line, and keep “sex” rooted in science.

  5. I’m glad they finally did this. Where are the adults in this situation? Are they THAT scared of the Human Rights Coalition? (who’s founder was caught with kiddie porn by the way. A lot of these activists groups are full of perverts. Just saying. )

    A friend of mine is a teacher and coach at the High School in Norwalk and he said everyone just acts like this is normal to have boys running against girls. What the hell is the matter with these adults? I guess everyone is so scared of getting fired that they just let this happen. It’s disgusting.


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