2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Slogans

These are real. 

  1. Bennet “Building Opportunity Together”
  2. Biden “Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead”
  3. de Blasio “Working People First”
  4. Booker “We Rise”
  5. Bullock “A Fair Shot for Everyone”
  6. Buttigieg “A Fresh Start for America”
  7. Castro “One Nation. One Destiny”
  8. Delany “Focus on the Future”
  9. Gabbard “Lead with Love”
  10. Gillibrand “Brave Wins”
  11. Gravel “No More Wars”
  12. Harris “For The People”
  13. Hickenlooper “Come Together”
  14. Inslee “Our Moment”
  15. Klobuchar “Amy for America”
  16. Messam “Wayne for America”
  17. Moulton “Seth Moulton for America”
  18. Beto “We’re All in This Together”
  19. Ryan “Our Future is Now”
  20. Sanders “Not Me. Us.”
  21. Swalwell “Go Big. Be Bold. Do Good.”
  22. Warren “We Will Rebuild the Middle Class. We Persist. Win With Warren.”
  23. Williamson “Join the Evolution”
  24. Yang “Humanity First”

Please pick the “Gold”, “Silver”,  and “Bronze” of the slogans. If you can please explain what some of the mean because I don’t get some of them.


10 thoughts on “2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Slogans”

  1. #9, is “Lead with Love” pronounced “led” or “leed”. It would change the meaning. “Led” with love would get backing from the NRA.


  2. # 22, I hear Warren is having a contest of a beer with her so how about changing “Win with Warren” to “Wine with Warren”. (Pun intended.)


  3. You can assemble a rather nice, albeit macabre, short-short story from some of these slogans.  Source and comments in parentheses.

    We rise.  (4, Booker)
    A fair shot for everyone.  (5, Bullock)
    Lead with love.  (6, Gabbard, “Lead” rhymes with “dead”)
    For the people.  (12, Harris)
    Working people first.  (3, de Blasio)
    Our future is now.  (19, Ryan)
    A fresh start for America.  (20, Buttigieg)
    Brave wins.  (10, Gillibrand)

    Sounds like what usually happens when Commies take over.

    Cuba: firing squad


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