More Data on Google/YouTube Wielding Political Influence

This guy does a great job laying out numbers showing that YouTube is targeting specifically US-based audiences with a selective algorithm.  In my own terms, YouTube is saturating your feed with leftist pabulum while de-platforming political content which YouTube does not like.  Those are the general and the specific variants of their political machine.


10 thoughts on “More Data on Google/YouTube Wielding Political Influence”

  1. This is good work. It covers the theme that YouTube is suppressing creators in favor of established big-media platforms. Vee and Styx have been hammering on this for months. Political bias is also a factor but it’s a mistake to think that’s the only, even the main, problem. The Congress-critters on the Right who are pushing that are missing the big story. YouTube creators are a threat to the established order; it just happens that this threat is disproportionately from the Right at this moment.

    Autocomplete, recommended videos, trending tabs: these are the tools of censorship, as Project Veritas showed. Trending videos are almost never of interest to me, which is why I almost exclusively watch channels to which I’ve subscribed. This leaves open the question of how to find good channels. The answer is word-of-mouth via places like Ratburger and the recommendations of YouTubers you like. The research presented in the video suggests that, at least for the moment, the problem is largely confined to the US. Connecting to YouTube using a VPN with a clean browser or using Tor solves the problem.

  2. One more thing. Those who have transitioned to exclusive use of mobile devices (tablets, phones) have given up some of your freedom since the apps you can use on these devices are controlled by a single central authority (Alphabet, Apple). It’s not hard to envision the day when apps like the Tor browser will no longer be offered at Google Play or the Apple Store to protect the children.™

  3. Thanks for sharing this video.

    We have known for a long time that the “trending” label at Youtube was a pack of lies.

    It is great that this guy took the time to drill into the data to show just how distorted the Youtube “trending” label is.   It is a whopping big pack of lies brought to you by evil Google, who censors the internet.

  4. I’m 70 years old.  Why should I care about what’s trending?  I closed my gmail account, and went to DuckDuckGo for my internet searches.  I only use YouTube to search for performances of classical or bluegrass music.  My YouTube site will be dormant, as I have signed up and paid for Vimeo Plus, which I will use from now on to upload any videos I record.  Once I get some time, I will upload all my accordion videos from Leavenworth last weekend.


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